she ran six miles in the snow

18 Sep 2017 01:52 am
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my sister and i saw wind river last night and while i can't say i really enjoyed it (it's a harsh, sad movie), i thought it was well-done and well-acted and i'm glad i saw it. because it starts with jeremy renner's character finding a dead native american girl in the snow, it made me think of the beginning of louise erdrich's love medicine - "the snow fell deeper that easter than it had in forty years, but june walked over it like water and came home". totally different circumstances, but the end result is the same. it's a good movie and apparently based on true events, which is one of the things that makes it so sad.

today i helped [ profile] tamalinn and [ profile] lbmango put together tamalinn's new bed. we celebrated our successful furniture-building by going out for nachos and beer. (they had beer, i had a ginger ale.) and tonight i baked a honey cake - technically two, because i made it in a loaf pan and there's more batter than there is pan - it's my grandma's honey cake and because it calls for a cup of coffee, and i don't have a coffeemaker because i don't drink it, i went across the street to the dunkin' donuts for a black coffee. of course that made my kitchen smell overwhelmingly of strong black caffeine.... and then the honey cake smelled kind of coffee-y while it was baking. it's not pretty but i don't think it's overbaked and mostly i hope it tastes like honey cake and not, you know, coffee. (my sister is having people over for dinner after rosh hashanah, which is thursday. one of her friends has celiac's so i'm also going to make meringue cookies because we need a non-gluten option.) if it comes out ok i'll share the recipe.

last friday, a week ago, i went to a combination housewarming (for tamalinn who'd just moved in upstairs)/housecooling (for lbmango who was about to move out downstairs) - it was a house homeostasis party - and saturday i spent walking the freedom trail because that's how one of the girls in my writing group wanted to spend her birthday. i had a parfait for lunch and it was delicious. last sunday i went to a greek festival put on by a local church and stuffed my face with pastitsio and baklava and, uh, rice pudding. fun was had! it was a very social weekend, so the fact that i didn't have anything to do or anywhere to be (besides the movie and i guess tamalinn's house) this weekend was really nice.

in totally other news, the preacher season finale made me go "THEY CAN'T DO THAT" and "THAT'S NOT FAIR". i hate cliffhangers. cm ended on a cliffhanger too, but it always does.

starts with space!

16 Sep 2017 02:32 am
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first fall busy season successfully survived. my brain is tired. i made some overtime, tho. :D i feel like it's been a week, but mostly it's been a week of staying late at work. wednesday was the worst, and today was a lot of "hurry up, wait", and "WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING" and we had pizza for lunch.

also today the cassini spacecraft came to the end of its cruise around saturn, after almost twenty years of exploration and data collection and some fabulous photos. yesterday was the anniversary of giovanni cassini's death, and today the spacecraft named after him took a swan dive into saturn. (it did that so as not to potentially crash into one of saturn's moons and potentially contaminate it when it could potentially support life.) its mission was only supposed to be four years but it was so tough and the science it discovered was so fantastic that it stayed out for almost twenty years.

have some vintage style nasa posters in honor of voyager. speaking of spacecraft.

in other science news, the natural history museum and the science museum in london had a super cute fight on twitter and it was fabulous. who would win in a staff battle? anyone reading twitter. :D

i know this is old news, but my parents survived hurricane irma (they spent the night with friends who had hurricane shutters on their house) and so did the house and apparently the whole subdivision. the power came back on after about a day. jacksonville however is probably still half underwater and the keys were mostly destroyed. hemingway's house and the descendants of his polydactyl cats on key west are all fine, tho.

the bahamas, not so much.

there's a nun with a chainsaw down in miami cutting down fallen branches and generally being helpful and kind of badass. roosters were evacuated from key west wrapped in paper like rooster burritos so they wouldn't attack each other. roosterritos?

a southwest flight saved a bunch of shelter dogs and cats after hurricane harvey. i wonder if anyone did that after irma. because you know a lot of pets were separated from their people, and animal shelters in evacuation zones would have to be evacuated too.

so many free stock photos.

did anyone else read strangers in paradise? there's going to be a movie and i'm not sure how i feel about it. on the one hand, i really loved sip. and one of the leads is queer, and one of the objects of her affection is a (totally adorable) japanese american guy. on the other, the story turned into a convoluted mess. and i don't remember it being a "comedy of errors" or about katchoo having to choose between david and francine as her two suitors as the article says. i'm curious about it, anyway.


7 Sep 2017 01:02 am
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What I just finished reading:
the boys who challenged hitler, which was a very interesting story but written for a younger audience than me. i wanted it to go a little deeper - i mean, the boys of the title were teenagers when they were caught and thrown in jail, and then what was it like when they got out of jail and suddenly the danish resistance had woken up without them? - but, well, ya history. still fascinating as a story, tho.

What I am reading now:
the killing moon, finally. i just started it yesterday but so far so good. there's a glossary in back which is useful but distracting, because i keep stopping to look stuff up.

What I'm going to read next:
one of the girls in my writing group submitted a big chunk of story - she has three novels she wrote for nanowrimos that she wants us to critique - i'll have to interrupt the killing moon to read it, but after that i don't know.

i've been sporadically watching hurricane news - i have a friend from when i lived in nashville who now lives in the us virgin islands, and i went on facebook for like six seconds to see if she'd posted, and how was she doing. she was nervous and anxious, but as prepared as she could be. hopefully she's still ok. as an aside, checking her facebook page meant i caught the tiniest glimpses of other people i knew back then. a bunch of them are still in nashville - or they moved away but moved back - and at least two are still real-life local friends. (i mean as opposed to long-distance or facebook friends.) it's always a little weird to see the grown-up faces of people i was friends with when we were twelve.

occasionally you invent something for one purpose and then people put it to a different use. like, you invent a kind of battery-powered lift for the army, for rescue operations, and then you learn that utility companies are using them to attach power lines to towers.


6 Sep 2017 02:36 am
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forty years ago today nasa launched voyager 1 on a mission to explore saturn and jupiter. voyager 2 had already been launched on august 20. they're both still out there, exploring space and sending information home. you can even track them. the cool thing - aside from the fact that the voyagers are forty years old and still flying through space, still working - is that each is carrying a golden record, an actual gold-plated album full of images and spoken languages and music and miscellaneous noises representing life on earth, in case either craft runs into any sentient beings. on the one hand, there's a lot of stuff there! but on the other, a record album? really?

so who thinks aliens are actually going to be able to play the thing if they ever encounter it?

and speaking of historical nifty, altho a little earlier, librarians on horseback were a wpa program in the 30s, and they're exactly what they sound like - librarians saddling up and bringing library books to rural kentuckians. librarians are awesome.

an artist and former park ranger makes knitted and crocheted costumes (effectively) to make pigeons look like extinct birds. (they're photographed on a pigeon mannequin, so no one has to worry about how actual pigeons feel about their fancy bodysuits.)

little girl pulls sword from cornish lake. second coming of king arthur? excalibur references abound. sword sadly probably a movie prop. girl with sword still pretty fab.


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